At Vision Products we believe our Skin Superfood is the most sophisticated natural skin care on the planet. Why? Because it is enriched with one of the most powerful Tahitian Superoils on the planet: Tamanu Oil. In case you have never heard of our natural skin care or the unique skin healing properties of Tamanu Oil, let us fill you in.

Tamanu Oil comes from the nuts of the kamani tree, which is cultivated primarily in Polynesia, Malaysia and Tahiti. Many Polynesian cultures consider the Tamanu tree to be sacred. This makes Tamanu Oil all the more suitable for our beautifully designed natural skin care products.

The preventative and restorative properties of natural Tamanu Oil found in our natural skin care are astonishing. On its own Tamanu Oil is believed to aid and accelerate skin healing. At Vision Products, we consider Tamanu Oil a nourishing Superoil that benefits all types of skin, particularly mature skin. Our Skin Food penetrates deeply into the skin and does not leave your skin feeling oily or greasy.

At Vision Products Direct, we are committed to offering you natural skin care you can trust. So when we say all natural skin care, we mean nothing but. Our Tamanu Oil is 100% pure cold pressed Tamanu Oil and does not contain any chemicals or preservatives of any kind.

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