Why are our natural skin care products so popular? Because they’re so effective! We use some of the most powerful Amazonian Super-oils on the planet to enhance the products in our natural skin care range. The Acai berry for example, which grows deep in the Amazon Rain Forest, is known for its extraordinary anti-oxidant and skin nourishing properties. That’s why we have refined our rejuvenating Youth Serum with wild-harvested Acai oil.

What are the benefits of using natural skin care enhanced with wild-harvested Acai?

Purified Acai oil is deeply nourishing for the skin, supports anti-aging and promotes a natural youthfulness. Known to have the highest anti-oxidant properties of any fruit, wild-harvested Acai also has a high concentration in Omega Oils and Vitamin E. These contribute to a natural skin balance and protect the skin from dehydration.

Natural skin care is particularly advantegous for mature, dry or damaged skin. The essential fatty oils Omega 6 and 9 found in Acai are especially beneficial; while Vitamin E promotes the natural healing process of the skin and reduces scarring and inflammation.

At Vision Products, we have harnessed the nourishing and youth-enhancing properties of wild-harvested Acai. That’s why it has become a core ingredient in our natural skin care products.

You will not find a more effective natural skin care range anywhere on the planet. Order our Youth Serum now and experience the benefits of wild-harvested Acai oil yourself!