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Camu camu - the jewel of the rainforest

Camu camu is undoubtedly the rising star of the world of super fruits. About the size of a cherry, with a smooth skin and rich red colour it certainly looks every bit the jewel that it is. Like many super fruits, it comes from the rainforest regions of our planet. Grown in Peru; it's one of the most nutrient-dense foods and offers considerable anti aging and disease-prevention benefits.    This little gem of the jungle has an unusually high vitamin C content, higher than any food on the planet, and as a plant second only to the Australian native tree...

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Why is the big C is so important for skin vitality?

         Why is the big C is so important for skin vitality?  We’ve all heard that we should have plenty of vitamin C in our diets to fend off illnesses such as colds and flu, and even that old nemesis of sailors – scurvy. But what does vitamin C offer us in terms of developing that seemingly illusive radiant glow that is a sure sign of healthy skin? Answer, plenty! A high potency, good quality vitamin C can:   • Protect skin cells from sun damage • Stimulate collagen production and, in combination with elastin, support the structure...

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Amazon Friendly

  Our Amazon Friendly ingredients help to support local school children  We are proud to pay a little extra for our Amazonian super fruit ingredients so that we can support the Nu Fruits of the Amazon LTD, Amazon Friendly project. The role of the Amazon Friendly initiative is to provide guidelines for companies to operate in a manner that promotes sustainability in the Amazon, as well as providing a means of making a promise to the end consumer that the product they buy adheres to these principles. The Amazon basin spans across 9 countries, covering 7% of the Earth’s surface....

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