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Dreaming about radiant and youthful looking skin?

We all want to attain more radiant and younger looking skin. Having said that, dust & pollution, extreme weather, poor diet and stress are such things that can pay a toll on our health and effect our skin condition, making our skin lustreless!

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    Using Revive Sea Salt Exfoliant within the Radiance Treatment System

    Wake up to a more radiant and youthful looking skin! We believe our incredible sea salt exfoliant (used as a mask) is a vital component to our Superfood Skincare Systems. It removes dead skin cells, revitalizes and conditions the skin with an array of natural ingredients, making it ready for our Vision moisturisers to do their best work. How the Radiance Treatment System works: Step 1 - Use our Silky Olive Oil bar or jar to cleanse the skin and pat dry. Step 2 - Apply our Revive Sea Salt Exfoliant as a mask, leave on for 10-20 minutes before rinsing...

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    Reviving Sea Salt Exfoliant - the best exfoliant you can buy!

    Dead skin cells not only make your complexion look dull and lifeless but also make it harder for any moisturiser to work their way deep into the skin cells - to do their best work. Your skin is replaced every 6 weeks so its important to exfoliate often.  

    Find out how our Reviving Sea Salt Exfoliant can enhance any skincare regime and why its the best exfoliant you can buy! 

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