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Decided that you love Vision Products? Create an account and become a Visionaire. Vision Products is all about buying exceptional Biospherically Correct products, a vital part in helping create "A successful planet".

Exercise your power to make a difference in the world through conscious living with Vision Products. Look and feel beautiful while benefiting the world!

As a Visionaire receive numerous rewards and bonuses while helping others and our planet.

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Associated Organisation

Raise money for your charity or organisation. Apply to become an associated organisation.

By qualifying as an associated organisation, Vision Products will return to your organisation 10% of the value of all purchases (excludes gift packs and special offers) made by your members. 

This is a simple process which involves advising your members that by shopping at Vision Products and entering your designated association code, they are financially supporting your organisation.

Associated organisations must be of a non profit or charitable in nature and have aims that correlate with the objectives of our sister charity Vision for Humanity *

* Vision Products reserves the right to approve or decline Associated Organisation applications. Memberships are reviewed every 2 years.

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Volunteers are individuals with spare hours looking to do good work or students desiring work experience. On going volunteers receive an opportunity to have their personal profile on our website, as well as gaining satisfying work experience in a culture of compassion, tolerance and integrity. A reference detailing work done for us may also be provided. Current volunteer opportunities:

  • Collating, labeling and packaging products
  • Customer retail sales, Auckland
  • Social media and marketing 
  • Graphic design, Web and App development skills 

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We are grateful to all of our sponsors and contributors who have helped us get this far.

Contributors are individuals or organisations who have provided skills, expertise or services directly assisting the establishment of Vision Products.

Going forward, we seek to develop more co-active relationships with contributors who are also interested in Vision Products and the Charity's associated elements; raising awareness of the Biospherically Correct principles and  disseminating the importance of "love, forgiveness, compassion, tolerance and integrity" in our society. 

In exchange, we offer promotional opportunities as well as support for contributors interested in incorporating the principles of Biospherically Correct into their personal career or business philosophy. At present we are particularly looking for contributors in the media and marketing/promotional fields, as well as writers and researchers for VFH.   

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