Superfood Natural Skin Care

100% natural skin care - skin food enhanced with the most powerful Amazonian and Tahitian Superfruits for a lasting youthfulness that naturally supports anti-aging. Made with love on a herbal farm in New Zealand and delivered fresh worldwide.

Superfood Natural Skin Care

 Superfood Natural Skin Care / Systems 

Use Vision Products Superfood Natural Skin Sare Systems and synergise with natures most beneficial ingredients to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise. The Superfood range is loaded with ingredients representing the richest sources of naturally occurring vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that Mother Nature can provide. Superfoods to enhance and rejuvenate your skin the natural way.

Discover how the layering effect of our Natural Skin Superfood Systems can create healthier younger looking skin in days. The purest natural skin care, made with love on a herbal farm in New Zealand and delivered direct, fresh to your door.  

~ Made in New Zealand ~ This visionary skin care from New Zealand represents 8 years of meticulous refinement. These exquisite formulations have been lovingly crafted on a specialised herbal farm where essential oils are used for scents; colours are derived from nature and herbal extracts are used for enhancing health and well-being.
~ Cutting-edge natural preservative system ~ Using the most recent Biomimetic technology this skin care range teems with vitality from a unique natural preservative system combining the anti aging, healing and preservative properties of citrus bioflavanoids and Totarol, extracted from the recycled bark of the New Zealand native totara tree.
~ 100% natural and active ingredients profiles ~ Vision’s products are 100% natural with natural, organic and, most importantly, wild harvested ingredients containing the most beneficial ingredients on the planet which are full of naturally occurring vitamins,minerals and anti-oxidants.
~ Energised with Amazonian and Tahitian super fruits ~ Harness the powerful phytochemical properties of camu camu, with more vitamin C than any other known fruit in the world. Combat the aging process by engaging in prime skin nutrition with acai, the highest ranking antioxidant plant in the world ideal for providing essential fatty acids such as linoleic acid, omega-6 and omega 9. Delight in the incredible softness inherent in using Tahitian tamanu oil renowned for its amazing ability to relieve inflammation and reduce scars. Exceptional for skin regeneration.
~ Purity maintained ~ To ensure purity our products are presented predominately in glass eliminating the potential migration of chemicals found in plastics, preserving the integrity of these 100% natural formulas and protecting your precious skin and health over a life time.
~ Enhanced sense of well-being ~ The words love, forgiveness, compassion, tolerance and integrity adorn all of our labelling. Resonating with Dr. Masaru Emoto’s research, these evocative messages have the power to enhance your sense of well-being, helping to transform your daily life and the world in which you live.
 ~  Protecting the source ~ We look to protect and enhance the bio-ethnic diversity (species, habitat and the associated knowledge, customs and prosperity of indigenous cultures) of the territory from which ingredients are derived. We support projects like the Amazon Friendly programme, a model farm in Labasa Fiji and we prize wild harvest ingredients most of all (over and above organic) as they keep native environments, and the people who depend on them, intact.
~ Advanced eco-packaging ~ Stylish yet minimal packaging that is biodegradable, compostable and incorporates a refill / recycle system. Plant based adhesive labels made from wood cellulose and corn. All swing tags and wrap tags are sourced from sustainable forest or made with recycled paper and are printed with soy inks. We use potato filler in boxed packaging and place your purchase in a vegetable oil based bag or an organic cotton bag when you walk out the door. And it looks stunning - We’ve made ‘green’ look sexy!
~ Biospherically Correct indicator ~ All Vision products have a unique Biospherically Correct rating which provides a simple 1, 2 or 3 indicator (3 being the best) that depicts each product’s environmental sustainability and social responsibility performance a glance.

 Visit our boutique concept store at 26 Airedale Street, Auckland, New Zealand for the friendliest advice and customer care regarding this visionary Superfood Skin Care range and special product offers, or phone 64 9 353 7888 for assistance.

Having been in the fashion industry for 26 years and working with models from all around the world, I have always promoted the maintenance of youthfulness the natural way: organic food, exercise and emotional well-being. To compliment this philosophy I wanted to create the most effective skin care possible from a natural source. I use these unisex Superfood Skin Care Systems everyday and continue to be astounded by the incredible results it brings to my skin and general sense of well-being. This the most beautiful range which I have personally spent 8 years developing with one of New Zealand’s best skin care herbalists . Discover how to achieve younger more beautiful skin by using these sophisticated and unique products.

Kim Larking, Founder Vision Products

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