Vision Products is 'for profit for good', a registered New Zealand charitable trust (CC 27922) where all nett profits are used to help create "A Successful Planet". To be sure your purchase does enable good cause, while at the check out of our shopping cart, you can choose to have 10% of the value of the purchase price donated straight away to either:

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Our two Charitable Trusts: Vision Products is the trading name for Vision for Humanity Products Charitable Trust (VFHP), registered with the Charities Commission (#CC27922). Vision Products generates funds and awareness to support its sister charity Vision For Humanity Charitable Trust, VFH (#CC27918) in its endeavours to help Elevate Global Consciousness and empower people to co- create 'A Successful Planet' with more peace, prosperity and joy in the world.

Vision for Humanity acts in providing: information to raise awareness, inspiration through its Visions, and initiatives to put its Visions into constructive practice.

Raising awareness:

  • Vision for Humanity provides information for the purpose of fostering greater awareness (context, understanding and insight) about who we are and the world in which we live - ourselves, our societies, the environment and biosphere for people to contribute and refer to.

Providing Inspiration:

  • Vision for Humanity is developing 10 inspirational Visions that will give you easy access to leading ideas, support networks, resources and tools  concerning the positive advancement of our existing social constructs: Business, Health, Economy, Education, Media, Politics, Law, Family and Community, Religion and Self.
  • Vision for Humanity is actively promoting the importance of love, forgiveness, compassion, tolerance and integrity for oneself, family, community and planet.

Developing Initiatives for global Increase:

  • Vision for Humanity is actively implementing initiatives where we can pool our knowledge and resources in order to epitomise each Vision. Our first initiative being  Biospherically Correct , which is the result of our Vision for Business and underpins the entire make up of Vision Products –our main fundraising vehicle. 

Our first goal

    • To provide Increase to people through the sales of our products and create a substantial customer base that will enable the long term self sufficiency of both charities.

We are grateful to have received tremendous support in order to get this far. Click here to see a list of our sponsors and contributors.

Help make our cause ‘float’ financially

Ultimately we would like to minimise our operational overheads via sponsorship so that we increasingly become a conduit of funding towards the work of Vision for Humanity and its initiatives. If you would like to become a long term recognised sponsor and help us enable this please click here.