Beauty ~ Stunning images of original work, photographed over a two year period from around New Zealand and the South Pacific, especially for Vision Products. These non-photo-shopped pictures are; as it was on the day, reminding us that beauty is everywhere in nature, and that nature makes us feel good!

Appreciation ~  These cards are intended to inspire us all to take a little more time, to look a little closer and longer, at what we would perhaps normally take for granted. Nature is free to us all to enjoy and appreciate.

Connection ~   The theme is best summed up by what Dr E.O. Wilson calls Biophilia; the health and well-being that comes from our connection with nature. If you wish to solve a problem, achieve more clarity, or feel more settled then take a walk along a beach or climb a mountain. This connection is what is vital to us all; in order to feel and be, our best and true selves.

Six sets of varying sizes printed on recycled paper using vegetable inks. The larger cards are designed to be displayed with pictures front and back. An ideal gift for family and friends, visitors to New Zealand or simply to remind ourselves of the treasures in our own back yard.



    • Nature's Window card series (small)
    • $21.99
      A series showcasing our wonderful planet. As one card is removed, another beautiful card is revealed. Each card has one exquisite picture on the front and the words love, forgiveness, compassion, tolerance and integrity subtly yet meaningfully printed on the back.  Cards are made from recycled paper and printed with vegetable inks. Boxes are made using sustainable forestry practices. Images...
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    • Nature's Window card series (medium)
    • $39.99
      These 16 unique cards come in a stylish display box that can sit on your desk as a beautiful touch to your living or work environment. As one stunning card is removed, another is revealed. Each card has one exquisite picture on the front and the words love, forgiveness, compassion, tolerance and integrity subtly yet meaningfully printed on the back....
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    • Nature's Treasures card series
    • $29.99
      Make a big impact by sending one of these large Nature's Treasures doubled sided cards. These cards look spectacular when opened up and displayed, with stunning images both sides, and the words love, forgiveness, compassion,tolerance and integrity subtly yet meaningfully printed along the bottom. Positively touch the lives of others in a beautiful way by sending one of these special...
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    • Living Stories card series
    • $34.99
      Each card has four stunning pictures telling its own beautiful living story. Some people are so delighted by these cards that they frame them to enjoy forever. Packaged in a beautiful Butterfly Wing Box, with high quality envelopes, making an ideal gift as a pack or to use as your own signature stationary. The words love, forgiveness, compassion,tolerance and integrity subtly yet...
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    • Living Moments card series
    • $29.99
      Beautiful moments in time that reflect the inside caption, "This series from the South Pacific honours the well-being inherent in our connection with nature".  As a bonus, six of the cards have pictures both sides, while all ten have the words love, forgiveness, tolerance and integrity subtly yet meaningfully printed along the bottom or back of card. Packaged in a stunning butterfly...
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Green Ingredients

Do the ingredients in the product meet the criteria for being 'green ingredients', that is, organic and/or natural, high yielding and sustainable?

Biospherically Correct

Our greeting card packs come from trees harvested without negatively impacting the environment as they are governed using various certified sustainable forest management (SFM) protocols: 

  • trees return higher yields (in general) than than non wood agricultural crops used for paper production such as hemp and kenaf
  • on average, pesticide and fertilizer use is lower than for either hemp or kenaf. 
  • aim to meet the needs of today without compromising the ability of future generations to provide for themselves 
  • Using recycled paper means it is not necessary to bleach, crush or cook the fibers for a second time, saving energy and reducing pollution. A single paper fibre can be recycled up to 5 times before it becomes too short to be made into strongly woven paper. 

    Vegetable Ink spreads further and is easier to remove during recycling than petroleum based ink. Non toxic, metal free pigments are compatible with a vegetable oil carrier such as soy. Soy oil is clearer, giving a sharper colour while requiring less pigment. Fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs), such as carbon gas, are released when printing with soy inks as fewer solvents are required. VOCs combine with exhaust fumes to form photochemical smog. Soy inks are more bio-degradable than petroleum inks.  

    Summary: Our greeting card packs represents a natural, sustainable and high yield use of plant based resources.

    Bamboo Rosehip Honey Acai Coconut

    Diversity Protection

    To what extent does the cultivation and extraction of the raw materials necessary to produce this product;enhance the diversity of life, that is, aids the greater biospheric services of the planet, the localised eco systems (species and habitat protection) and preserves the associated knowledge, customs and prosperity of the indigenous cultures of the territory?

    Biospherically Correct

    Our greeting card packs incorporate four important raw material criteria:

    1. The use of virgin paper material from sustainable forest management (SFM) practises.
    2. The use of recycled paper product to maximise wood resources and eliminate waste.
    3. A good balance of sustainable virgin material and pre-consumer (lesser) and post-consumer (greater) recycled material.
    4. Soy based inks (crops require no irrigation, limited nutrients and leaves fewer agricultural residues than other crops).

    Our greeting card boxes are made from card certified with SFM practises. Our greeting cards are made from 55% recycled paper (30% pre-consumer and 25% post-consumer) with 70% of the remainder (virgin material) being certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) as 'Mixed 70%' . Our envelopes are made from 100% recycled paper being 30% pre-consumer (pre printing waste recovery) and 70% post-consumer (waste from old milk cartons).

    Summary: Paper products, derived responsibly, help ensure the continued presence of plant life on our planet.

    Children Explore Forest Wild Harvest Sea Turtle Orangutan Polar Bear and Ice Caps

    Positive Functionality

    How positive for the individual, society and the environment is the function of the product in its final form?

    Biospherically Correct

    Using greeting cards to send messages of friendship, gratitude, joy, hope or sympathy is a sensitive, personalised way of acknowledging our shared humanity.These cards are subtly printed with the words love, forgiveness, compassion, tolerance and integrity, encouraging a personal feel good factor and a message of social cohesiveness. Proceeds go to the Vision for Humanity Charitable Trust.

    Our greeting cards are designed to honour our connection with nature. We believe this is important because of the growing trend towards urbanisation resulting in people slowly loosing contact with the natural world and the health and well being that is intrinsic in it.

    Environmentally responsible paper has a broad positive functionality- from the environmental benefits gained through the planting of trees and sustainable forestry management practices (see Diversity protection), to the positive tactile experience of holding a piece of paper or book and reading to gain knowledge, understanding or inspiration.  

    Our greeting cards successfully promote and demonstrate the concepts of Biospherically Correct.

    Summary: Our greeting cards invoke a sense of well being by portraying nature's aesthetic beauty and reminding us of our important connection to it.

    Thinking Woman Our Shirt
    Child in Front of Blackboard Relaxing Massage


    How well do the processes inherent in the manufacturing, packaging and distribution of this product sustain nature?

    Biospherically Correct

    Our greeting card packs incorporate two important milling/manufacturing criteria:

    1. Pulp processing from PCF, TCF, or ECF mills (in that order preferably- see below) 
    2. The use of vegetable based inks to ensure low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs -see Green Ingredients).
  • PCF means "processed chlorine free" (includes recycled and virgin fibre bleached without chlorine or chlorine compounds)
  • TCF means 'totally chlorine free' (non toxic bleaching processes for virgin fibre e.g oxygen, peroxide, and ozone bleaching)
  • EFC means "elementally chlorine free" (free of chlorine in its elemental form, avoiding the formation of dioxins and other toxins)

  • "A mill using standard chlorine bleaching (elemental chlorine) realeases about 35 tonnes of organochlorines (dioxins and chlorinated toxic pollutants) a day. An ECF releases 7-10 tons per day, a PCF or TCF mill releases none." Worldwatch Institute

    Our greeting cards and boxes are made from card that is processed ECF - Elementally chlorine free. Our envelopes come from 100% recycled pulp which is PCF - processed cholrine free.

    Summary: The manufacturing and production of our greeting cards incorporates valuable eco processes. 

    Traditional Methods Green Transport Alternative Energy Reducing Waste Synergy

    Trade Integrity

    How well does the supply and promotion of this product align with the principles of trade Integrity: transparency of information, honest/accurate advertising claim, traceability of ingredients and an emphasis of working via gratifying and harmonious business relationships?

    Biospherically Correct

    To the best of our knowledge the claims we make are accurate, reflecting the true capabilities of the product. Components are traceable to their point of origin (see Green Ingredients) and our pricing is fair, reflecting the quality of the merchandise. Vision for Humanity Products Charitable Trust is a registered charity (# CC27922). Profits go towards the Vision for Humanity Charitable Trust.

    At Vision Products we value the principles of the Vision for Humanity vision statement, "A successful planet where the attributes of love, forgiveness, compassion, tolerance and intergrity form the basis of every human interaction and endeavour." A basis to form socially responsible and ecologically sustainable practices.

    Utilizing the unique Biospherically Correct rating methodology, we have appraised our greeting cards and provided a  Biospherically Correct rating of (1). The shortcomings that still exist in today's petroleum dependent logistical practices represent the greatest areas for improvement towards a higher Biospherically Correct rating in the future. We endevour to continually improve our products for you.

    Summary: Our greeting cards are created via gratifying working relationships and rate highly in terms of transparency and accuracy of claim.

    Prohibited Business People Clapping Handshake Stamp Happily Receiving Delivery

    Perfect gift to celebrate our beautiful country