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Regimes to maximise skin and hair care health

  1.  How to best use Vision Revitalising and Replenishing Shampoos for excellent results
  2.  How to use Vision Coconut Oil as a pre- conditioning hair treatment
  3.  How to perform a special deep conditioning treatment for the hair
  4.  How to use Vision Olive Oil Cleanser
  5.  How to perform an especially sublime night skin treatment
  6.  How to use Vision Citrus Lotion as an after sun skin treatment 
  7. How to use the Vision Youth Serum 

Visionaire Actions: reuse, refill, re-purpose, bio-degrade, recycle

  1.  How to use the pumps on our 150ml and 750ml bottles for the first time
  2.  How to clean all pumps before refilling bottles
  3.  How to refill 50ml, 150ml and 750ml bottles
  4.  How to melt coconut oil for use or refilling smaller jars
  5.  How to: re-use, re-purpose, bio-degrade, or recycle all Vision products packaging

Our bamboo apparel

  1. Shrinkage
  2. Sizing 
  3. Women’s T


Regimes to maximise skin and hair health

1. How to best use our shampoos - To lather or not to lather?
The idea of the first step is not to wash your hair, but rather to clean your scalp and remove the sebum (oil) and product that has accumulated since your last shampoo. Rub a 50c sized amount of Vision Revitalising or Replenishing Shampoo between your hands. Apply to your scalp using your fingertips, working it in for about 30 seconds. Ideally, the head should have just enough lather to lubricate the scalp and hair.
It is important to know that our natural shampoos will not produce a lot of lather especially during this first step. Being plant based (sulphate free) they will lather less than the harsher chemical detergents found in most other brands. Foaming and lathering does not directly mean more cleaning. Try to focus less on lather and more on working the product onto your scalp for a good clean.
Although rinsing your hair seems simple enough, the fact is that most people do not rinse properly, leaving hair with unwanted sebum, product build-up, and left over shampoo. A good rule of thumb is to rinse for approximately 30 seconds, working your fingertips through your hair while rinsing.
Can you repeat that?
Now it's time to re-shampoo and rinse your hair for an extra good clean if needed. Emulsify a minimal amount of shampoo in your hand. The amount you need depends on the length and density of your hair.  
Work the shampoo into your hair from scalp to ends for at least 30 seconds. You will notice that the shampoo will lather up more than it did in the first step.
Rinse the shampoo well for at least 30 seconds. If you have extremely long or thick hair, you may need to rinse longer.
2. How to use coconut oil as pre- conditioning hair treatment
Coconut oil is an excellent pre-conditioner and provides the essential proteins required for the re-growth of damaged hair. Regular massage of the head with coconut oil can also prevent dandruff. 
  1. Soften 1-2 tsp (depending on the length of your hair) of solid oil in the palm of your hands by rubbing them together. 
  2. Massage oil through your hair evenly while gently rubbing the scalp to stimulate blood circulation. 
  3. Leave on hair for 30-60 minutes or overnight for a very deep conditioning treatment.
  4. Rise thoroughly in the shower with warm water and then wash as normal.
3. How to perform a special deep conditioning treatment for extra dry or damaged hair
  1. Wash hair with extra Replenishing Shampoo (as described in tip number one) and then condition with Extra Replenishing Conditioner, leave conditioner in for several minutes for duration of shower of bath for maximum effect. 
  2. For an even more intense conditioning treatment apply conditioner and leave on hair for 15 - 30 minutes before rinsing off.
  3. Finish with Vision Hair shaper- both of our vision hair finishing products (Styler and Shaper) also act as excellent leave in conditioners-containing a host of natural hair nutrients. Vision Hair Shaper is especially formulated and textured with extra richness for hair softness and health. Notice your hair softness particularly the next time you shower. 

4. How to use Vision Olive Oil cleanser

Again this is natural cleanser which will not lather like commercial products do, you will experience a super fine texture ideal for gentle cleansing on a daily basis. As the cleanser is solid you will need to apply wet finger tips or sponge 2-3 times to get a flow happening. You do not need much to cleanse the face, a little will go a long way due to its silkiness. Gently rub in circular motions avoiding direct contact with the eyes. This is not a heavy duty make up remover, it's more of an every day cleanser ideal for re-balancing the skin after a harsher cleanser has been used. Excellent on all skin types. Ideal for both men and women.

5. How to perform an especially sublime night skin treatment

For a sublime skin care treatment before bed that will enliven and replenish the skin by using a combination of the Vision Products in the following way.

  1. Gently wash face with Vision Pure Olive Oil cleanser to remove excess sebum and the dirt from the day.
  2. Exfoliate with Vision Face and Body Exfoliant to take away old skin cells, rinse with warm water and pat dry.  
  3. Apply Vision Eye Gel patting around the eye area, and then apply the Vision Citrus Lotion elsewhere around the face and neck area to begin the nourishment of new cells.
  4. Wait 2-3 minutes for the skin to breathe and absorb the ingredients of these products.
  5.  Finish by applying Vision Face Super Food to face and neck as an extra layer of nutrients for skin nourishment to work through the night.
6. How to use Vision Citrus Lotion as an after sun skin treatment
During the warmer months, keep Vision Citrus Lotion in the fridge ready to apply as a cool refreshing skin tonic after exposure to sun, heat and the drying effects of wind. Our Citrus lotion is packed full of aloe vera to soothe and heal the skin, camu camu which is high in vitamin C, boosting collagen production and skin elasticity and rosehip oil which is rich in vitamin c and essential fatty acids, ideal for skin regeneration.
7. How to use Vision Youth Serum

You may notice the strong nutty scent of the Youth Serum. This is normal, and comes from the Tamanu Oil in this product. This particular oil also gives the Serum its brown colour. Some people like the scent and others find it a little over powering. Either way, use it sparingly as a little goes a long way and if you apply the Serum on top of the Citrus Lotion the citrus scent of the lotion mellows the nutty intensity of the Tamanu oil a little. We use the Tamanu oil as it is reputed to support natural healing, and may help to reduce inflammation (eczema and psoriasis) and the visibility of scars.


Visionaire Actions: reuse, refill, recycle, re-purpose, bio-degrade

As a Visionaire use these handy hints to look after our planet. Share with us your Visionaire Actions and think of creative ways to 're-purpose' and be potentially rewarded through our Visionaire rewards program. 

1. How to use our pumps for the first time: 150ml glass bottle and 750ml PLA bottle

  1. Gently push down on the pump and turn it anti clockwise to release pump from the ‘off’ position.
  2. If tightly wound down you may have to hold (with the opposite hand) the small white circular component close to the neck to stop this from rotating for the pump to release.  
  3. Pump the pump several times to allow product to ‘rise’ up the tubing inside the container.
2. How to clean the pump to reuse in a refill bottle
A. Directly interchange pump if there is no wait time between old and new product.
B. Follow this cleaning process if a very long wait time has occurred between refills.
  1. Clean the pump each time you refill the bottle.
  2. Wash in a sink of warm water using a little of the Vision hand wash as a natural cleansing agent. 
  3. Remove tubing, wash and then rinse under tap. 
  4. Remove any dried residue from around the tip of the pump dispenser.
  5. Rinse well, then dry tubing and dispenser. 
  6. Reassemble the pump and twist securely to the bottle top. 
  7. Pump several times to enable contents of bottle to ‘rise’ up the tubing.

3. How to refill 200ml and 50ml tottles from 750ml PLA bottle.

  1. Unscrew the lid and remove the stopper or 'nib' from the 200ml or 50ml plastic tottle.
  2. Place the pump end of a 750ml bottle into the neck of the tottle and press down on the pump. The product will flow into the tottle as you continue to pump.
  3. When tottle is full, replace the stopper/ nib and screw on the tottle lid.
4. How to melt coconut oil if solid 
  1. Immerse 150ml glass bottle or 750ml PLA bottle in very warm, but not hot, water (gradually warm glass bottle first under the tap to avoid breakage).
  2. Wait several minutes for a little melting to occur for use. To melt the full contents of the 750ml bottle you may have to leave for 15 minutes depending on temperature and repeat with freshly warmed water if need be. This will not damage the oil in any way, however very hot or recently boiled water will buckle the 750ml bottle making it non-reusable. 
5. How to: re-use, re-purpose, bio-degrade, or recycle all Vision products packaging. 
Glass jars and bottles - re-purpose, return for re-use, recycle
  •  All glass jars and bottles can be either reused or re-purposed prior to recycling through normal kerb side recycling collection. Re-purpose our glass jars washing off the label and use for dried herbs, seeds, nuts, powders, vitamins, buttons, etc, be creative and re-purpose. Re-purpose our 150ml bottles by washing well before using them for tonics, a small vase, home made dressings, etc. As a extra incentive return 10 x 150ml bottles to us for a free product, we will wash, sterilize and reuse. Bottles must be prior washed and in good condition free of chips. As a Visionaire show us other ways to re-purpose these jars and bottles.  

750ml PP bottles - return for re-use, commercially compost 

  • The larger 750ml PLA bottles can be commercially composted where and when facilities are/become available. Alternatively disposed of in normal rubbish collection if the first options are not available. As a Visionaire incentive, return 10 to us for a free product, we will wash, sterilize and reuse. Bottles must be prior washed and in good condition free of deformity or damage. 

PP plastic tottles - refill before recycling 

  • At the end of life (multiple refills) the PP plastic 50ml and 200ml tottles can be recycled through the normal kerb side recycling collection. These tottles are fit for purpose meaning they should last years before needing to be recycled. 

Labels and packaging - composting and recycling 

  • All paper labels and cardboard packaging are printed with vegetables inks, plus our filler from potato starch, can be suitable for home composting or recycling through normal paper collection methods. Use compost for non- food crops if wanting organic food standards. 
  • All stick on labels (excluding our PP tottles) are made from wood cellulose or corn and are designed for both home (non - food) and commercial composting.

Apparel - re-using, re-purposing, composting 

  • Our 70% Bamboo and 30% organic cotton apparel, if in reasonable condition, can be  re-used by being gifted through clothing bins. If in fully worn condition this fabric can be re-purposed into effective cleaning cloths. Home compost at the end of the fabrics durability. Alternatively as a Visionaire show us other ways to re-purpose this material. 

    Our bamboo apparel

    1. Shrinkage

    Our bamboo apparel is purposefully long cut in style, with longer arm and body length than is usual for such garments. Bamboo fabric does shrink in length, which our designs cater for. Our garments are not pre-washed so you will experience intended fit after first washing. Tumble drying will also cause our garments to temporally take on shrinkage. We recommend clothes line drying whenever possible for garment consistency and environmental conservation. 

    2. Sizing

    These garments are a fitted, longer cut design. 

    Due to the specific individual design of each style of garment you may experience a slight variation in correlation of size between garment types. It is best to whenever possible fit our garments first at our address. Otherwise phone or email in your body measurements and we will advise you of your size in the garment you are interested in.

    *See our notes regarding shrinkage in the length of the garments.

     Your sizing may vary throughout the range depending on the particular style of garment that you are purchasing. Choose your correct size for each garment style by using the table below which gives the chest measurements of each item in our range. 

    *See bottom of table for the leg measurements of the Unisex Yoga Pants


    Item Women Men
    Women's Chest Measurement Men's Chest Measurement
    Bamboo Singlet
    XSmall 62 cm N/A
    Small 66 cm 90 cm
    Medium 69 cm 94 cm
    Large 74 cm 100 cm
    XLarge N/A 106 cm
    Bamboo T-Shirt (s/s Print)
    XSmall 82 cm N/A
    Small 86 cm 100 cm
    Medium 88 cm 108 cm
    Large 96 cm 112 cm
    XLarge 100 cm 116 cm
    Bamboo T-Shirt (s/s Emb)
    XSmall 82 cm NA
    Small 86 cm 100 cm
    Medium 88 cm 108 cm
    Large 96 cm 112 cm
    XLarge NA 116 cm
    Bamboo V-Neck (3/4 Length Sleeve)
    XSmall 68 cm NA
    Small 71 cm NA
    Medium 74 cm NA
    Large 80 cm NA
    Bamboo Raglan Top/ Mens L/S Bamboo Top
    XSmall 74 cm NA
    Small 76 cm 108 cm
    Medium 78 cm 112 cm
    Large 80 cm 114 cm
    XLarge NA 118 cm
    Women's Bamboo Body Sock - One Size Only
    Chest 72 cm
    Length (Underarm to Hem) 69 cm
    Unisex Yoga Pants * Please allow for shrinkage in length*
    Short Leg/Short Crotch (Hip to Ankle measurement) 89 cm
    Short Leg/Long Crotch (Hip to Ankle measurement) 90 cm
    Long Leg/Short Crotch (Hip to Ankle measurement) 99 cm
    Long Leg/Long Crotch (Hip to Ankle measurement) 105 cm


    3. Women's T

    Our women's classic T shirt has a close fitting neck line so don't be surprised to experience this when first putting this garment on. It does go over the head and fits nicely around the neck. Looks great on!