The Herb Farm – Lynn Kirkland

We are delighted to say that Lynn Kirkland, creator of The Herb Farm, has worked closely with Kim Larking, founder of Vision for Humanity Products Trust, over the last 7 years to develop the exceptional formulas of the Vision Products skincare range, making them the outstanding products that they are today.

It took 2 years to find the special people to work with in order to create all of our exceptional skin and hair care items; The Herb Farm being one of those special associations that has brought us the quality items that we now have available.

Vision Products is immensely appreciative of the close affiliation that has evolved with Lynn and team at The Herb Farm over the years. We have great confidence in the partnership we have established and foresee The Herb Farm being the ongoing producer of this very special skincare range


In formulating the Vision Products skincare range, Lynn has been dedicated to –

  • using natural ingredients that have been created from botanical sources in environments where the creation of such ingredients is  done with respect to the environment and without using harsh processes.
  • using nutrient rich botanical ingredients with healing properties which are beneficial to our skin.
  • formulating the products to have maximum benefit to body, mind, and spirit.
  • checking the source of each ingredient for purity and authenticity with specification sheets required, and a suppliers pledge being   signed with each company we are dealing with.
  • to manufacturing the products in a peaceful environment (The Herb Farm) with a mindful, positive intention for their purpose. 


The Herb Farm is special place all of its own - a sweet spot in the universe.

The herb farm is set in 15 acres of the tranquil rural countryside in the Manawatu.

Peace and tranquillity prevails with birdsong being the most noise you can hear.

Herbs are grown in the two acre gardens which have a tranquillity to them that is often commented on by visitors.

Our herbs have been grown with a philosophy of co-creation. We care deeply for our plants, however we do not pamper them and find that nature knows best and finds the best solutions for growing to their potential. Our herbs have high healing constituents and strong fragrances because of this philosophy.

Harvesting for herbal extracts and oils is done with love and gratitude, at the optimum season for the particular herb, allowing for maximum benefits to be extracted from our herbs.

We believe strongly in education and run workshops to help people understand the value of natural products.

The herb farm has been the winner of regional and national awards both for business and sustainability.

Integrity and running the business on ethical lines is at the core of the herb farm’s values.

The Herb Farm is a ‘destination’ and visitors can enjoy visiting the place where the products are made.


Is a naturally loving woman who is connected to the earth to the extent that I know the qualities of these products resonate in an exceptional way. The benefits gained from using the products are, in my mind, in no small way attributable to the beautiful person that Lynn is. We are deeply grateful to Lynn for her determination, persistence and patience while continuously reformulating the products to a level of excellence that we are now able to share with our customers.

Thank you Lynn