Jeymar Soap & Body is set on five beautiful acres of rural Marlborough, 38km from Blenheim, South Island, New Zealand.

Jenny and Richard are Jeymar’s expert producers of luxurious personal care items; soaps, body products, shampoos and conditioners. They are committed to having as light a load on the environment as possible, having (unofficially) estimated their carbon footprint as being exceptionally low.

They are naturally committed to healthy living which is evident through implementing environmental initiatives such as: converting to 100% solar heated hot water (plus a wetback boost), re-using boxes, shredded paper, office paper as much as possible, full recycling of anything that they can, using NZ made recyclable bottles, raising/growing their own beef, eggs, vegetables and fruit.

This way of life adds value to the exceptional products that they make for us at Vision Products. It is their way to buy local (Marlborough) ingredients whenever they can and these purchases include: honey, olive oil, lavender oil, wheat and beeswax. Jenny and Richard are constantly trialling and improving ingredients to make them more naturally derived.

They have a custom made factory room for the manufacture of all products. A small boutique team of dedicated workers ensure excellent systems of quality control. These checks also involve using agar plates and an electric incubator for ultimate quality assessment. 

Vision Products is thankful for the exceptionally good relationship that has evolved with Jenny and Richard over the many years that they have been patiently refining the specialty soaps, body wash, shampoos and conditioners that they make for us with such care.  

Because they personally make all our products onsite we feel they put that extra special attention into our products - just the way you would want it to be for anyone you really care about.  We love the wholesomeness that is inherent in the products that they produce which have a real ‘home made’ goodness to them.