Rocon Printing Company LTD are our printers of choice due to their outstanding commitment to environmentally responsible printing processes. Rocon have been working on cleaner greener production procedures for the past 16 years.

Conway has worked in the industry for 38 years and believes that even minor  changes towards cleaner production procedures have made an immense difference in the health and safety of staff and the environment.


The Rocon Printing Company environmental policy was implemented on September the 1st 1997. Rocon management and staff recognise their responsibilities to implement good business practices to minimise the environmental impacts of their business.

Rocon aims to achieve this by implementing cleaner production to reduce business wastes by focussing on practices, processes and products that produce them. They use products that contain no or low volatile organic compounds / inks using vegetable oil bases and watermisable cleaners and washes. It is Rocon’s policy to:

  • Meet or exceed all applicable Governmental acts and regulations and industrial standards.
  • Work in partnership with suppliers and recyclers to minimize and reduce waste.
  • Provide all employees with training, support and resources to meet our targets.
  • Monitor and promote our performance and achievements on an annual basis to staff suppliers and customers.
  • No goods will be accepted for delivery in to our store without the required data sheets attached
  • Inform clients of their environmental options for print in regards to the availability of recycled stocks and to the results that can be achieved. 
  • Use vegetable based inks. 
  •  All waste paper is returned for recycling.