Unit 21 Media is a fully equipped creative production company based in Auckland NZ and in Kuala Lumpur - MAL. We have both the creativity and technical skill to service the advertising and television industry with the capacity to produce a wide range of low to high budget television commercials, medium budget corporate promotions, right down to various AV-media packs (EPK) and internet (viral) projects on a micro budget. (check out our - Grab a Seat-Experiences in Admedia March 2011 or on their YouTube page. Having Air New Zealand as a client was both exciting and challenging, from the point of view of an amazing creative idea which covered the entire country - to producing a million dollar look on the smallest of budgets.

The end result was a campaign that won the hearts and minds of all New Zealanders and successfully supported and built their "Brand".  

Ex Producer. Samantha Yong

Samantha has over sixteen years in the advertising area, working in client servicing, and agency producer for JWT Singapore, BBDO, DY&R, & Publicis Kuala Lumpur. She also has a depth of experience in the post-production area- specializing in online animation and web content.

Samantha's passion and  her creative energy is a perfect mix for understanding the requirements of  agency, client and production making her the very best of executive producers.

She has the eye for that all important detail, and the experience to keep the production on time and on budget.

Director . Richard Long

Richard has had a long career in both television and film - working in just about every form of the creative medium; Including a stint on the creative team for Grey Advertising Singapore, and with the Strategic Brand Marketing team for FireStar Research Kuala Lumpur.

Richard has directed high-end and low budget commercials across the globe, along with hours of television. His amazing knowledge and technical experience along with his “can do” attitude to just make it happen right in front of the camera has been applauded from New York for Apple-Mac to Dubai for SAMBA banking group.

He has won awards for his KiKo Kids clothing range - MDI for best in food " Dancing Strawberries" and for Apple MAC "Way of the Future".

" I have a great passion for the advertising/marketing industry - with its blend of fast creative thinking and the excitement of today's digital visual technology. With this in mind I sincerely hope to work with you creatively in the very near future".

So come experience the creative different Unit21 Media can bring to your next project, we promise you won’t be disappointed.

The Team

Unit 21 Productions


For more information please contact Samantha on 021  0453491