We are very grateful to have received the following endorsements:


Hi Kim, Kimbra here! Just wanted to write a quick note to say thank you for the lovely Vision products! Very kind of you and I wanted to just encourage you in the work you're doing as it has been really nice to read about the backstory, ethics and 'vision' (so to speak!) behind your company and what you stand for. I appreciate you taking the time to share that with me, keep up the great work!



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Kimbra, Recording Artist/ Pop Star


"I’ve finally discovered a range of natural skin care that actually works. I will definitely continue using these gorgeous products – my skin feels so comfortable and others are saying it glows. All that and knowing that I’m helping animals and the planet! Priceless."

Robyn Kippenberger, CEO RNZSPCA


Thank you Kim!!! I was so pleased to open your wonderful products. These products are like none other that I have ever tried and I am seeing major improvement with my skin. I have given the product out to my models!

Shawna Erickson, President of Niche Models and Talent/Hawaii USA


" As an Appearance Medicine doctor I am constantly searching for powerful cosmeceuticals that work. I have found plenty of these, but until now, there has been no pleasure in using them. The packaging and smells and textures of these strong products are usually awful. I am delighted to say that I have now found products loaded with the vitamins needed to feed the skin, but, that smell divine and are a pleasure to use. I have trialled about 7 of the products in the range and am extremely impressed with the results. I shall be recommending them to my clients with great pleasure and am delighted to have discovered them. I know the work involved in producing a range like this and must congratulate the team."

Dr Dee O'Neill, MB Bch Ba Dip Obst FRNZCGP


“I have tried many natural skin care ranges from all over the globe, and Vision is up there as one of the world’s best in my opinion. It seems to feed my skin just what it needs and as a result my skin type is normalised, looks fresh and feels soft. Best of all it has a distinct glow that elicits many compliments. As a big fan of oils, the Vision Youth Serum is on my must-buy list, but I also love the Face Superfood and Citrus Lotion and they work beautifully in combination.”

Je t'aime, Beauty writer, M2 Woman


“The exfoliant mask alone is worth its weight in gold, and the cleanser is delicious. My skin just adores it… and yes, I am completely addicted to the citrus thing, its amazing”

Tarryn Webb, Change One Woman


I love love love the sea salt scrub and can't wait to try more from the range! I'm usually quite conflicted when buying skincare because I want to look after myself and the planet, without spending a fortune, which doesn't leave me many options...but vision really ticks all the boxes, so it feels good to buy it, use it and talk about it. Thanks for making it available.

Faye Mcilroy


“The all natural, ‘Biospherically Correct’ products are made with love from a herbal farm and all the Vision skin care products I have tried have been an absolute pleasure to use. What’s more, my skin seems to love them. I have tried the Nourishing Eye & Face Cream, $59.99, which I think is simply wonderful as it is rich, yet rapidly absorbing and easy to spread. A bonus that there is no faffing around with a separate cream. However it is the Antioxidant Rich Youth Serum, $89.99, I am now 100% addicted to. Apparently the Vision Skin Care founders suggested using it once or twice a week as a booster and gave it to some happy testers to try. The testers broke that rule and used it nightly – suffice it to say, they were blown away by the results. I have a similar story – it’s like liquid gold, so I slather it on every night and have been receiving a tonne of compliments on my skin looking fresh, glowy and youthful. The serum is formulated with four of nature’s most youth enhancing oils; tamanu, acai, jojoba and rosehip and is delicious for regenerating ageing, dry or stressed skin. While I am greedy with the amount of product I use it’s not necessary – a little goes a long way.”



“I’m quite discerning when it comes to skin care and I like products that are gentle on the skin and carry a very subtle fragrance. The Vision products smell great and feel weightless yet nourishing. I like.”

Grayson Coutts, Makeup Artistry


Hi Kim, I have been using 2 of the products twice daily now since we met and I am a believer! The Citrus Lotion and Youth Serum are my favourite I have noticed a dramatic improvement in my skin since using both products and I will definitely be purchasing more from your website directly. Unlike other products your bottles don’t leak which is a huge bonus for travellers.

Thanks for introducing me to your line!

Charlotte Reiss, Wilhelmina | Director Women's Division


Hi Kim, I think all of your products are wonderful. I love the fact that you use such quality products from nature and they carry the energy of forgiveness, compassion, integrity, tolerance & most important love. My favourite is the youth serum which smells great & gives me a smooth clear glow. I also love the hair shaper & my friends have complimented on how nice it smells. I really like the silky olive cleanser too. It cleans & and leaves my face fresh and moist.

Gaylynn Secrist, Holistic Enlightenment Guidance Life Coach, Hawaii


Hi Kim I have been using your products each and every day and also gave some out to the models! The Citrus Lotion is fantastic and I love the Youth Serum! The Olive Cleanser Bar is incredible and the Exfoliate Bar works wonders on my skin.


Crista Xoxoxoxo, Director - Runway Division l.a. models inc.


I have been loving the eye & face cream and the body mousse ! Fantastic! overall I love the feel and the smell of the products. I also sent out most of your cards :) Everyone has loved them! Thanks so much!

Leslie Durso, Actress/ Celebrity Vegan Chef


"Vision Skincare is absolutely divine, and smells amazing. All the women were raving about the orange citrus essential oil in the Refreshing Citrus Lotion. The range includes a Nourishing eye and face cream, and an antioxidant rich Youth Serum (I could do with some of that!), as well as body and haircare lines and gorgeous soaps."

Megan Robinson, Thread.co.nz


"I've used many different face products and sometimes skin re-juvination treatments over the years and I can honestly say that since using Vision Products for only a short time my skin looks and feels the best it has ever done, in fact I've had a number of compliments of how good my skin looks. This is the first time I've had a WOW!! moment with such products."

Craig Anthony, Director of Sales and Marketing, Healthy Living Show.


The product (Citrus Lotion) is easily absorbed and prevents skin from having an oily shine. I would recommend to use it as an under–layer for the foundation and other makeup. My skin felt refreshed and smooth after the application and this sensation remained for a while. Also, its package is eco-friendly and chemical-free. Perfect for us and for the environment.

Ksenia Khor, Chelsey Magazine

"Hopefully you have been getting more customers from this area- as I have had strangers stop me on the street to ask me about my skin- it's pretty amazing!"

Christine Carmel, Oakland California USA


"The Vision products are all beautiful - an innovative concept. Overall, I love the freshness of the products and how they are likened to, and in harmony with, nature. The olive and lemon hints and textures emphasise pureness and a delicate way of caring for the skin."

Ansonette Willemse


“I try to live a healthy happy life, exercise, drink water and eat good food. HOWEVER, I do have dry skin and have had trouble finding good quality products that (a) work and (b) don’t make me break out because I need heavier products. Your products both make my skin feel divine and I have not had one teeny tiny break-out since using them and I have been using them every day. The lighter ones (vit c and eye / face cream) I use together because on their own they are a little light for me and the serum and super food I also use together and I love them. I also love the olive oil cleanser, I have finished the scrub but I loved that too! Thanks soooooo much for introducing me to these incredible products, I will definitely be purchasing more and will continue to support and promote them.”

Denise Ferguson -The Yoga Sanctuary1 Montrose Terrace, Mairangi Bay 0630, North Shore, 21 Bath St, Parnell 1052, Auckland PH: 09 479 3888


"I am impressed with Vision Products’ natural face exfoliant. I used it on the weekend for the first time and can’t wait to try other products in the range. Keep up the great work!"

Louise Nind


“I have been using Vision’s products for over 4 weeks. I decided to try them because I have sensitive skin and I am always on the look out for a new skin care range that my skin loves. I love the products and the products love me! What I also love is just the pure natural beauty of each product and how each ingredient is sourced in harmony with the environment.

I love these products and I am sure you will too!”

Lisa Rufer

"What I love most about Vision’s products is how they make me feel when I use them, let alone the positive results you get by using their products,(which are important!)

When I open any of the bottles or jars, I can be sure that I am benefiting myself and also doing something very positive for our environment. No sacrifice or harm on my part to our environment - we are mutually benefiting. I feel ‘just’ when using something made by Vision Products."

Tomoko Sakai


"The Vision range of face products are the best I've ever used, my skin has never felt or looked better. It's wonderful knowing that what I'm putting on my skin is all natural and has a positive impact on the environment, from the ingredients through to the processing and packaging.

These are products that work really well, they smell amazing and they're good for you."

KImese Wihongi


“Since using Vision Products my skin has become extremely clear and has begun looking refreshed and smooth. The olive oil cleanser is very cleansing, yet light on the skin and so nourishing. The exfoliating cream gives such a deep clean leaving my skin silky smooth. All of the moisturisers are so hydrating and refreshing; my skin has never been better!

Nicola Hogarth, Nova Model


"I am in love with the Youth Serum. It feels so light and smells so fresh, I use it every day. I especially love putting it under my make up. I put on the oil, wait for a few minutes and then apply my foundation, powder, etc. Putting the Serum under the make up makes the it look so natural. Since I've started doing this, people have been complimenting me on how radiant my skin looks."



"My skin is sensitive to the perfume / fragrances often found in cosmetics / moisturisers and I have found Vision Products Nourishing Eye and Face Cream amazing to use. This has a wonderful calming effect on my skin, which feels soft and firm after using this product for about 6 months. It is fantastic as you can use it as a face and eye cream all in one. I have also noticed that my skin tone is a lot more even as a result of mitigated irritation previously caused by fragrances in other products".

Evelyn MacNamara

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