Men's L/S Bamboo Top (Emb)

This super soft eco-apparel range garment is made to endure in style and function. Perfect everyday wear in between seasons or on cooler. Ideal for smart, casual comfort on cooler days. Available in three seasonal colours: black and brown for an earthy, autumn / winter look with jeans and trousers and electric blue for spring and summer. Subtly and elegantly embroidered with the words love, forgiveness, compassion, tolerance and integrity on the bottom left corner for that feel good factor wherever you go.

Bamboo fabric has a soft texture and luxurious feel. Made with 70% organic bamboo and 30% organic cotton


A fitted, longer designer cut garment.

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Men's L/S Bamboo Top (Emb)
$79.99 NZD

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Trade Integrity

How well does the supply and promotion of this product align with the principles of trade Integrity: transparency of information, honest/accurate advertising claim, traceability of ingredients and an emphasis of working via gratifying and harmonious business relationships?

Biospherically Correct

To the best of our knowledge the claims we make are accurate, reflecting the true capabilities of the product. Components are traceable to their point of origin (see Green Ingredients) and our pricing is fair, reflecting the quality of the merchandise. Vision for Humanity Products Charitable Trust is a registered charity (# CC27922). Profits go towards the Vision for Humanity Charitable Trust.

At Vision Products we value the principles of the Vision for Humanity vision statement, "A successful planet where the attributes of love, forgiveness, compassion, tolerance and integrity form the basis of every human interaction and endeavour." A basis to help form socially responsible and ecologically sustainable practices. Purchasing our apparel helps to support Fijian communities.

Utilizing the unique Biospherically Correct rating methodology we have appraised our bamboo apparel and provided a  Biospherically Correct rating of (1). The shortcomings that currently exist in the manufacturing processes involved in textile production in general, as well as today's customary logistical practices (see Eco Processes), represent the areas for improvement towards a higher Biospherically Correct rating. Please support us as we strive to continually improve our products for you.

Summary: At Vision Products we endeavour to be transparent, accurate in claim and foster healthy working relationships.

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Diversity Protection

To what extent does the cultivation and extraction of the raw materials necessary to produce this product;enhance the diversity of life, that is, aids the greater biospheric services of the planet, the localised eco systems (species and habitat protection) and preserves the associated knowledge, customs and prosperity of the indigenous cultures of the territory?

Biospherically Correct

Bamboo adds to the greater biospheric services of the planet through its impressive oxygen production and benefits local eco systems due to minimal water requirements and by reducing erosion (see Green Ingredients). Commercial plantations need to be carefully planned and planted with a non invasive species of bamboo so as not to upset regional ecosystem balance. 

Bamboo also has many uses. Animals and humans have long used various parts of the bamboo plant for subsistence: medicine, religion, shelter, tools and wearable clothes:

  • Pandas consume the leaves while the tender shoots are a low calorie source of protein and potassium for many cultures
  • Ayurveda, the traditional Indian system of medicine, extracts bamboo manna from the stem as a respiratory tonic
  • Bamboo groves often surround shrines as a barrier against evil
  • Homes, flooring, and utensils can all be crafted using bamboo

Summary: Bamboo is a significant cultural and environmental resource, beneficial to all life on the planet.

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Green Ingredients

Do the ingredients in the product meet the criteria for being 'green ingredients', that is, organic and/or natural, high yielding and sustainable?

Biospherically Correct

Bamboo can be grown quickly, abundantly and without negatively impacting the environment:

  • Reducing chemical run-off because sprays and fertilizers are not required
  • Consuming excess nitrates in waste water produced by manufacturing, livestock farming and sewage treatment.  
  • Displacing greenhouse gases (it has been claimed that bamboo releases up to 35% more oxygen into the air than similar sized plants and trees)
  • Needing little water due to its unique root system which hydrates the plant efficiently while preventing soil erosion.

Organic cotton, though requiring more water than bamboo, is made using non genetically modified plants grown without synthetic chemicals and fertilizers. Pests are controlled naturally through beneficial habitat planting, conserving bio-diversity. Organically grown crops yield soils that have more organic matter creating a thicker topsoil which may help to prevent soil erosion.

Our bamboo fibre is organically grown in China and our supplier uses low impact reactive dyes and re uses or recycles much of its chemical by product (see Eco Processes).

Summary: Organic bamboo fibre is an excellent green ingredient. Organic cotton fibre is a superior choice for cotton fibre

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Positive Functionality

How positive for the individual, society and the environment is the function of the product in its final form?

Biospherically Correct

Our garments carry the words love, forgiveness, compassion, tolerance and integrity, encouraging a sense of personal wellbeing and a message of social cohesiveness. Proceeds go towards Vision for Humanity Charitable Trust initiatives.

Bamboo fabric is incredibly soft, yet durably high performance:

  • Bamboo kun is a natural antibacterial & antifungal agent making it hypoallergenic and especially suitable for sensitive skin
  • Bamboo fibre wicks moisture from skin
  • Is quick drying and holds its shape well, thus making it ideal for hotter temperatures and exercise
  • Low impact reactive dyes are readily absorbed into the material producing great colour that lasts well throughout the life of the product. Washing is no fuss and economical; cold water washing gives a great result and saves on electricity as well. Bleaching and fabric softeners are not necessary. Bamboo fabric doesn't hold odour so you may not need to wash your garments as frequently as other clothing, potentially reducing water consumption.

    Summary: Our bamboo apparel is soft, has a feel good factor and is highly functional. All of our garments have a classic/simple style in cut and colour, designed to endure changing fashion trends and avoid the needless discard of still useful items of clothing (see Eco Processes for reuse/disposal).

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    How well do the processes inherent in the manufacturing, packaging and distribution of this product sustain nature?

    Biospherically Correct

    There are two methods of bamboo fabric production:

    • Bamboo linen made without chemicals and, while ideal, it is labour intensive (and therefore costly)
    • Bamboo rayon, the most common way, uses regenerated cellulose fibre to produce a knit fabric

    While we understand the short-comings of the second method, it's currently necessary for us to utilise bamboo rayon to make the obvious benefits of bamboo fabric available to the public. Our fabric supplier:

    • is conscientious about recycling and reusing chemicals and prefers low impact reactive dyes
    • buys organic bamboo yarn from a company in China which maintains strict controls over its own organic bamboo plantation and the factory is also Oeko-Tex 100 certified

    Our garment clothing labels are made from recycled paper printed with vegetable inks and attached with jute. At the end of use please gift apparel to a local clothing bin or recycle into smaller pieces for cleaning cloths and then compost at end of life.

    Summary: A lack of Eco Processes, particularly surrounding logistical issues and the reliance on fossil fuels, represents an area for improvement. Such improvement will help raise our bamboo apparel to a 2nd Generation Biospherically Correct product.

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    Biospherically Correct Rating

    This garnent carries a Biospherically Correct rating of 1 2 3

    This First Generation marker means that you can trust we've endeavoured to consider all social and ecological elements intrinsic to this product. Your purchase is an important part in helping us bring 2nd and then 3rd generation Biospherically Correct products to the world. For more information click through the icons below.

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