Green Ingredients

Do the ingredients in the product meet the criteria for being 'green ingredients', that is, organic and/or natural, high yielding and sustainable?

Biospherically Correct

Bamboo can be grown quickly, abundantly and without negatively impacting the environment:

  • Reducing chemical run-off because sprays and fertilizers are not required
  • Consuming excess nitrates in waste water produced by manufacturing, livestock farming and sewage treatment.  
  • Displacing greenhouse gases (it has been claimed that bamboo releases up to 35% more oxygen into the air than similar sized plants and trees)
  • Needing little water due to its unique root system which hydrates the plant efficiently while preventing soil erosion.

Organic cotton, though requiring more water than bamboo, is made using non genetically modified plants grown without synthetic chemicals and fertilizers. Pests are controlled naturally through beneficial habitat planting, conserving bio-diversity. Organically grown crops yield soils that have more organic matter creating a thicker topsoil which may help to prevent soil erosion.

Our bamboo fibre is organically grown in China and our supplier uses low impact reactive dyes and re uses or recycles much of its chemical by product (see Eco Processes).

Summary: Organic bamboo fibre is an excellent green ingredient. Organic cotton fibre is a superior choice for cotton fibre

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