How well do the processes inherent in the manufacturing, packaging and distribution of this product sustain nature?

Biospherically Correct

Our skin care is supplied to you in eco packaging which is kept minimal and incorporates vegetable inks, biodegradable labels, recycled paper and comes in a recyclable glass jar, PP or PLA bottle. Our bottles come with a pump for re use as part of a refill purchase option, helping to reduce waste. Our self adhesive labels are made to be compostable and our printers participate in the Enviro Mark NZ Programme.

The supplier of our skin formulations is energy and environmentally conscious, winning a regional business sustainability award in 2009.  All of their 'green' initiatives come under the umbrella of carefully written policies reflecting a commitment to recycling,energy conservation, emission free transport, toxin free products and a sustainable supply of raw ingredients.

Pure virgin coconut oil is made in Fiji using natural processes that do not involve refining or the use of chemicals. The natural New Zealand sea salt in our exfoliant is provided directly from the sea and the sun.

A lack of Eco Processes surrounding everyday logistical issues and the reliance on fossil fuels, represents an area for improvement. We look for such improvement to help raise our skin care range to a 2nd Generation Biospherically Correct product in the future.

Summary: At Vision Products we embrace the ethos of reduce, reuse,recycle, using materials from natural resources as packaging and labelling which bio-integrates back into the living environment as part of our 'cradle to cradle' philosophy.

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