Directions: Use once or twice per week as a exfoliant or deep detoxing mask to improve skin clarity, tone and complexion - an important part in achieving radiant, youthful and conditioned skin, in any skin care regime. Ideal to prime the skin ready for vitamin rich enhancement from our Vision moisturises.
As an Exfoliate: Splash your face with lukewarm water and apply scrub to the face in small circular motions and massage slowly to remove dead skin cells. The salt will feel less coarse as it will be dissolving with the water on your skins surface. For a more thorough and coarse exfoliation apply to dry skin gradually massaging into the skin.
As a mask: Press plenty of product gently onto dry skin, allow 2mins (for a quick detox) and up to 20mins for best results. Exfoliate slightly if you wish before leaving the product to dry. A sea salt tingle will be felt on the skin after a few minutes. Rinse well to reveal exceptionally soft skin. Finish with your favourite Vision moisturiser.