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The First Generation marker means that you can trust we’ve endeavoured to consider all social and ecological elements intrinsic to this product. Your purchase is an important part in helping us bring 2nd and them 3rd generation Biospherically Correct products to the world.

Why choose this hand wash?

❯ To care holistically for your health through a pure and natural hand wash - suitable for the whole family while being gentle on the environment. 

❯ With gentle surfactants to protection the skin of the hands; able to retain skin moisture, being more suitable for sensitive skin, and helping prevent inflammation and itchiness.

❯ With relevant essential oils of orange and lime to up lift mood and known for their antiseptic and anti-fungal properties, naturally occurring anti-oxidants and minerals, and natural defenses to various skin conditions. 

❯ Comes in a large 750ml bottle with a wide mouth pump for easy application, and a refillable 150ml pump bottle.  

Aqua (Water)
Decyl Glucoside (Plant Based Cleanser)
Coco Betaine (Plant Based Cleanser)
Gluconolactone (And) Sodium Benzoate (Corn Based Preservative)
Citric Acid
Citrus Tangerina (Tangerine) Oil
Citrus Aurantifolia (Lime Oil).

Directions: Apply to wet skin. Wash. Rinse well. Complete your natural body care regime by hand moisturising with either Vision Skin Super food or Body Mousse.
Sulphate and palm oil free so will lather less than conventional brands. See Handy Hints.

750ml PLA (plant based plastic) bottle made from corn. Label made from either wood cellulose or PLA (corn). Swing tag label made from recycled paper and printed with vegetable inks. 
200ml bottle and travel size 50ml tottles made from durable 'fit for purpose' PP (polypropylene) plastic, with matching material PP labels. Designed to be refilled indefinitely. Recycle at end of life span. 


Comes complete with a refill/recycle system to reduce waste. Buy our 750ml PLA bottle with pump, use this to keep refilling the 200ml and 50ml tottles. Keep and interchange pump when re-purchasing new 750ml bottles, which are available with just a cap. 


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