We are very grateful to have received the following endorsements:

"The Vitalise Natural Shampoo Bar has made my hair smooth and silky. Surprisingly I don't even feel that I need to condtion after. It really gives my hair the shine and softness that's been missing for so long now, and I've tried all of the most expensive shampoos (some especially ordered from over seas for me to try). I'm also noticing less hair loss while combing :) wow ! This really is a beautiful natural product."
Jesse Mediratta
I used to have a lot of trouble with my hair, however, since using the shampoo and conditioner (Revitalise range) my hair has become soft, shiny and strong and so easy to manage.”
Nicola Hogarth, Nova Model
"I really like your shaving kit. It makes shaving feel like a new experience."
Mark O'Brien