Positive Functionality

How positive for the individual, society and the environment is the function of the product in its final form?

Biospherically Correct

Coconut oil is a healthy saturated fat. It doesn't easily go rancid and can tolerate high temperatures, so it's ideal for cooking.

Coconut oil is primarily composed of cholesterol free, medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs) which help protect against heart disease. MCFAs may aid weight loss because they boost the metabolism, burning calories. Healthy fats like coconut oil are necessary so that we can absorb fat soluble vitamins such as vitamin A,D,E, K and beta-carotene.The MCFAs in coconut oil are also known to boost immunity. For example, Lauric acid (also found in breast milk) is vital for building and maintaining the immune system. MCFAs provide a shield against disease because of their anti microbial properties, potentially aiding the healing of fungal and bacterial infections.

It is wonderful for topical application because it is easily absorbed onto the skin making it almost the same as eating it, so food grade oil such as ours is preferable, "If you wouldn't eat it, it's best not to put it on your skin!" Coconut oil is ideal for relieving cracked, dry skin, improving elasticity leaving a natural, attractive sheen.

Coconut oil is also a complete hair treatment in itself. It is effective as a pre shampoo conditioning treatment and helps to minimize protein loss caused during regular washing; keeping each hair strand strong. Also useful as a treatment for dandruff.

Summary: Much research has been done into the positive benefits of coconut oil. We are proud to bring you this product.

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