Green Ingredients

Do the ingredients in the product meet the criteria for being 'green ingredients', that is, organic and/or natural, high yielding and sustainable?

Biospherically Correct

Our coconut oil is naturally organic and is derived from coconuts sourced throughout the island of Labasa,  Fiji. In this setting palms grow naturally without the use of fertilizers or pesticides. Coconut palms produce about 35 coconuts per year once established (5-7 years) and provide a continuous supply of raw materials which may otherwise go unutilised, especially in remote areas.

The oil we bring to you is extracted from the raw 'meat' of the coconut. Our coconut oil is not hydrogenated, refined, bleached or deodorised and contains no solvents, preservatives or additives. It is processed in small batches, allowing the oil to be produced from the fresh coconut meat within a short time of opening the coconut. Our oil is not made from Copra (dried coconut flesh) as oil made from copra requires refining to remove impurities and in the process the aroma and flavour are diminished.

Summary: Our pure, cold pressed (see Eco Processes) coconut oil is inherently organic, from a naturally occurring sustainable supply.

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