Diversity Protection

To what extent does the cultivation and extraction of the raw materials necessary to produce this product;enhance the diversity of life, that is, aids the greater biospheric services of the planet, the localised eco systems (species and habitat protection) and preserves the associated knowledge, customs and prosperity of the indigenous cultures of the territory?

Biospherically Correct

Our coconut oil comes from a model farm that creates work for the local people of Labasa- Fiji, supporting the local community to effectively utilise its natural resources by working with the land to sustainably support itself. Coconut products are part of the farm model and possible uses include: cooking oil, food, coconut bu, fibre, fuel, shelter and skin lotion

As the local people have become increasingly removed from living on the land and the knowledge associated with it, many have looked to Suva for opportunity as it is the biggest city close to Labasa. However, they inevitably find themselves in an undesirable socio-economic situation within a city urgently in need of environmental attention. Other means of employment are desperately needed to provide income for food, shelter and medicine. The model farm shows local people how to prepare the land, plant and harvest while respecting the environment with initiatives such as composting toilets and recycling cattle manure as a natural, organic fertilizer. Raw materials are used for food, arts, crafts, soap and other products which are sold for income.

Summary: Diversity protection is achieved through local people being able to replicate the ecologically sustainable, productive model of the farm thus securing their livelihoods and the prosperity of future generations. 

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