Why is the big C so important for skin vitality?


We’ve all heard that we should have plenty of vitamin C in our diets to fend off illnesses such as colds and flu, and even that old nemesis of sailors – scurvy. But what does vitamin C offer us in terms of developing that seemingly illusive radiant glow that is a sure sign of healthy skin? Answer, plenty!
A high potency, good quality vitamin C can:  
Protect skin cells from sun damage
Stimulate collagen production and, in combination with elastin, support the structure of the skin improving and maintaining firmness and elasticity
Improve the appearance of sun-damaged skin
Reduce inflammation
Regular topical application of good quality vitamin C can improve areas of  pigmentation.
Vitamin C is necessary for collagen production – much better to apply a natural vitamin C rich moisturiser to your skin than have it injected (ouch!) in a doctor’s surgery. Collagen is the main component of connective tissue, and is the most abundant protein in mammals – that’s us!
Collagen works hand-in-hand with elastin to support the body’s tissues. Basically, it gives body tissues form and provides firmness and strength; elastin gives body tissues much need flexibility. 
Dr. Eric F. Berenstein says that as we age and expose our skin to greater and greater amounts of sun damage, we degrade our skin's collagen, causing the look and feel of our skin to be compromised as well. The ability of our skin to develop healthy collagen diminishes and we are left with collagen that is damaged. So the goal of most skin treatments is to stimulate new collagen development –enter vitamin C and the other treatments that are popular for rejuvenating the skin.
 Antioxidants such as vitamin C also prevent damage from oxidizing agents.  In her article “Topical Vitamin C” Dr. Patricia Farris confirms the positive effects of vitamin C, stating that scientific research supports the use of cosmeceuticals containing vitamin C. Vitamin C promotes collagen synthesis, gives protection from ultraviolet light, lightens hyper pigmentation, and improves inflammatory skin conditions.
Like anything precious vitamin C needs a little TLC. Store any antioxidant in a cool place away from the damaging effects of sunlight. Take care of your vitamin rich skin care product and it will love you back with firmer, radiant skin that you can be proud of.