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Do endless skin care choices confuse you? With Vision Products there’s a deciding factor- the feel-good factor. In this article learn about how Vision Products are so exceptionally worthwhile!

1 Vision Products are made from 100% natural ingredients: Some skin care, personal care and hair care companies tout themselves as natural brands but upon closer inspection many do have various synthetic chemicals in their products. 

How do we identify whether a particular product has artificial ingredients? It is quite simple. You need to go through its ingredients list before buying. To know the details of commonly used synthetics and fillers, read our blog: Are your skin care and personal care products safe? 

Natural ingredients refer to those ingredients that are found in nature and are not synthetically made. However, it’s also important to distinguish natural, organic and wild harvested as Vision Products are made from a combination of all these natural ingredients. Organic refers to not using artificial chemicals in the growing process of ingredients – which is great, but organic can also include plants grown on deforested land and/or as monocrops.   

However, a step beyond organic is wild harvest, which means to pick and collect directly from the eco-system – direct from the rain forest for instance – allowing all other species to continue on in their full bio-diversity. 

In skin care, hair care and personal care products, Vision Products ensures that its ingredients are made from 100% natural ingredients. While natural is considered as a must in these products, organic is preferred, and wild harvest is the most valued and sustainable as it leaves the original eco-system intact.  

Vision Products is committed to improving the health of the people and the planet, and in order to do that, it uses organic ingredients and wild harvested Superfruits whenever possible. Wild harvested Superfruits are the most naturally rich ingredients when it comes to naturally occurring antioxidants and vitamins.


Vision Products citrus lotion, moisturiser


At Vision Products, we believe that it is the organic ingredients and most importantly the wild harvested ingredients that you need to look out for in a natural skin care range. While the hardest aspect to get natural in skincare is the preservative system, at Vision Products we use a combination of citrus bioflavanoids and an extract from the recycled bark of the New Zealand Totarol tree. 

Vision Products uses wild harvested Superfruits like camu camu, acai, and tamanu oil, organics such as carrot and rosehip oil, and aloe vera, along with all natural formulations which also use natural ingredients including jojoba, shea butter, grapeseed, and calendula that all work together to naturally moisturise and replenish your skin with naturally occurring antioxidants, flavonoids and vitamins making your skin naturally healthy, radiant and supple.


Vision Products fully natural skin care range has been designed to give you long-term skin radiance and health benefits through pure and nutrient rich ingredients – such as Rose Absolute the queen of floral oil.

2. Vision Products are environment friendly: Vision Products’ vision is to protect the environment through the ethos of Biospherically Correct, which is an entire design model created for Vision Products to demonstrate sustainability through natural products. We try to educate and encourage our customers to use eco-friendly processors – such as buying refills, recycling and composting our labels and packaging, and repurposing - all valuable benefits that contribute to a cleaner planet.

As they say “every bit counts”, your little effort towards the environment can help bring a big change. Vision Products ingredients are sustainably sourced, environment clean and healthy. We predominantly use glass bottles to stop any potential migration of chemicals into your skincare. Our jars and bottles can be refilled, recycled or repurposed. Metal caps can be washed, sterilised, and reused. We encourage our customers to use our refill systems by offering benefits such as:

1. A cheaper price on our refill options – reuse a pump and get a better price.
2. Return 10 refill bottles with the cap and get one filled bottle free.



3. Social Media freebies: Vision Products also offers social media freebies like getting randomly rewarded with a free product for promoting our eco packaging systems – a thanks for educating others on how to correctly use our products the way they were intended; like re-applying a pump to a refill, refilling a bottle, composting a vision label, re-purposing a used jar or piece of apparel etc. ….and tagging VP.



4. Reward Points: Vision Products customers get reward points in a variety of ways. For instance, you gain the first 100 points by simply signing up, and points for every purchase you make. The benefits keep adding onto your account. For example, earn 10 points for every $1.00 you spend, even on special promotions, and get a $5 coupon for every 500 points you accumulate.



5. Birthday bonus points: Vision Products builds a strong relationship with its customers. Birthdays are the best occasion to make our customers feel special. So, we give 100 points on your birthday as a small gesture from us.


6. Buy two and get one free: Customers also get a free 10ml pocket size jar, valued between $5.99 and $16.99 by purchasing any two full-size skin care or hair care products.




7. Free Shipping: Vision Products provides free shipping for orders over $50 and special shipping rates on all orders under $50.00. Customers can also save 10% by selecting the autoship option on the product page. Save 10% and have your favourite products delivered to your door on time, every time (note: points are not accumulated using autoship). 




8. Referral rewards: Vision Products believes in rewarding customers who appreciate natural and ethical products. That’s why we offer our customers such a generous reward system which also helps you build and nurture relationships with friends and family.

As our customers, you can give a valuable gift to your friends through our referral system. If you refer a friend, your friend will get a $10 off electronic coupon on his/her first purchase, and you get rewarded by us with a $5 coupon. The more friends you refer the more discounts you get. Referrals are highly beneficial to our customers who inspire others.



9. Health span tips: Our customers also get a regular health span tip direct to their inbox through Visionaire newsletter. You can join us as we share greater health span knowledge dedicated to making your life healthy, energetic and happy.


10. Give forward: Vision Products is a registered New Zealand charitable trust and it uses its profits to help KidsCan, SPCA, C3, Vision for Humanity, the Gentle Barn, Child Rescue and Project Peace on Earth. You can choose to support one of these associated charities while checking out on our website and we will direct 10% of your purchase price to your chosen charity. Supporting community feels good and Vision Products is a great way to do that.

You can add value to your life and the world around you by advancing your health and beauty through a pure and highly functional natural product line--Vision Products--a new model dedicated to improving both environment and community.

Feel good as a Vison Products customer, add value to your life and the world around you, by advancing your health and beauty through a pure and highly functional natural product line that is dedicated to improving both environment and community.

Vision Products is committed to Enrich, Empower and Inspire people and planet. See our philosophy here and our Visionaire Rewards system here.

  • Enriching people: Earn reward points with Vision Products while buying the best natural skin and hair care products.
  • Enriching planet: Earn reward points and free products for looking after our planet.
  • Empower self: Get a new strategy regularly to advance your Health span.
  • Inspire others: Earn reward points for inspiring others.

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