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The First Generation marker means that you can trust we’ve endeavoured to consider all social and ecological elements intrinsic to this product. Your purchase is an important part in helping us bring 2nd and them 3rd generation Biospherically Correct products to the world.

Why choose this bottle?

❯ Coconut oil is a liquid over 24.5 degrees and a solid below that temperature.  

❯ This bulk 750ml PLA (corn based) bottle is the best way to top up your stock of our 100% pure coconut oil. Simply immerse bottle in warm water and leave for 12-15 minutes until your coconut oil it becomes liquid, then refill your 250ml kitchen jar, 50ml travel size jar and 150ml massage bottle as needed. Keep buying this bottle as required. 

❯ This oil is made from a model farm in Fiji, using wild harvested coconuts, eco processes, and which up skills local people in order to improve community. 

❯ We believe that coconut oil is a vital component to maintaining ones full health. Enjoy better health, use an eco packaged refill system, support a model farm, and select a charity at check out to support.  

Coconut Oil

Use to refill other Vision coconut oil products for skin, hair, massage and cooking. As coconut oil is a solid under 24.5 degrees and a liquid over that temperature, you need to immerse this 750ml bottle in warm water to refill other containers.
Cold pressed coconut oil doesn't go rancid easily if stored in a cool, dark place, and will keep its freshness a long time, but do not leave in the sun on bench tops as this will quickly spoil the oil.

Packaged in a PLA (corn based) bottle with wood cellulose compostable stick on labels and wraps made from recycled paper and vegetable inks. 


Part of a multi-use refill/recycle system so that you integrate this product conveniently into your life. Reuse the smaller size coconut bottle and jars by refilling from our 750ml bottle. Directions for 150ml glass bottle and 750ml PLA bottle: immerse in very warm water (gradually warm glass bottle first under the tap to avoid breakage). Wait several minutes for a little melting to occur for use. To melt the full contents of the 750ml bottle you may have to leave for 15 minutes depending on temperature and repeat with freshly warmed water if need be. This will not damage the oil in any way.
- see our Handy Hints for further ideas on how to use this product.

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