Coconut Oil 250ml Kitchen Jar (Nutrition)

Ideal food use jar 

Coconut oil is primarily composed of medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs) excellent for health, and being able to tolerate high cooking temperatures while making food smell and taste delicious. These MCFAs are also believed to boost immunity. Growing opinion in health circles suggesting coconut oil helps ward off degenerative diseases such as; Alzheimer, Parkinson and Heart disease. Healthy fats like coconut oil are necessary so that we can absorb fat soluble vitamins such as vitamin A,D,E, K and beta-carotene. Converts more readily into energy rather that fat - ideal for sports people and the health conscious alike.



Why choose this jar?

❯ This 250ml Kitchen Jar is the perfect size to get a table spoon into to get your coconut oil out of the jar and into your cooking.

❯ Don't throw this jar away, instead refill it from our bulk 750ml bottle (the most inexpensive way to buy our oil), the two go hand in hand.

We believe that Coconut oil is a vital component to maintaining ones full health. As it has a diverse range of attributes we have brought you a multi-use refill/recycle system to help integrate this incredible natural resource into your lifestyle.

Remember Coconut oil is a liquid over 24.5 degrees so watch spillage when opening in summer months. Cold pressed coconut oil doesn't go rancid easily if stored in a cool, dark place, don't leave in the sun on bench tops. 

Coconut Oil 250ml Kitchen Jar (Nutrition)
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Diversity Protection

To what extent does the cultivation and extraction of the raw materials necessary to produce this product;enhance the diversity of life, that is, aids the greater biospheric services of the planet, the localised eco systems (species and habitat protection) and preserves the associated knowledge, customs and prosperity of the indigenous cultures of the territory?

Biospherically Correct

Our coconut oil comes from a model farm that creates work for the local people of Labasa- Fiji, supporting the local community to effectively utilise its natural resources by working with the land to sustainably support itself. Coconut products are part of the farm model and possible uses include: cooking oil, food, coconut bu, fibre, fuel, shelter and skin lotion

As the local people have become increasingly removed from living on the land and the knowledge associated with it, many have looked to Suva for opportunity as it is the biggest city close to Labasa. However, they inevitably find themselves in an undesirable socio-economic situation within a city urgently in need of environmental attention. Other means of employment are desperately needed to provide income for food, shelter and medicine. The model farm shows local people how to prepare the land, plant and harvest while respecting the environment with initiatives such as composting toilets and recycling cattle manure as a natural, organic fertilizer. Raw materials are used for food, arts, crafts, soap and other products which are sold for income.

Summary: Diversity protection is achieved through local people being able to replicate the ecologically sustainable, productive model of the farm thus securing their livelihoods and the prosperity of future generations. 

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Green Ingredients

Do the ingredients in the product meet the criteria for being 'green ingredients', that is, organic and/or natural, high yielding and sustainable?

Biospherically Correct

Our coconut oil is naturally organic and is derived from coconuts sourced throughout the island of Labasa,  Fiji. In this setting palms grow naturally without the use of fertilizers or pesticides. Coconut palms produce about 35 coconuts per year once established (5-7 years) and provide a continuous supply of raw materials which may otherwise go unutilised, especially in remote areas.

The oil we bring to you is extracted from the raw 'meat' of the coconut. Our coconut oil is not hydrogenated, refined, bleached or deodorised and contains no solvents, preservatives or additives. It is processed in small batches, allowing the oil to be produced from the fresh coconut meat within a short time of opening the coconut. Our oil is not made from Copra (dried coconut flesh) as oil made from copra requires refining to remove impurities and in the process the aroma and flavour are diminished.

Summary: Our pure, cold pressed (see Eco Processes) coconut oil is inherently organic, from a naturally occurring sustainable supply.

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Positive Functionality

How positive for the individual, society and the environment is the function of the product in its final form?

Biospherically Correct

Coconut oil is a healthy saturated fat. It doesn't easily go rancid and can tolerate high temperatures, so it's ideal for cooking.

Coconut oil is primarily composed of cholesterol free, medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs) which help protect against heart disease. MCFAs may aid weight loss because they boost the metabolism, burning calories. Healthy fats like coconut oil are necessary so that we can absorb fat soluble vitamins such as vitamin A,D,E, K and beta-carotene.The MCFAs in coconut oil are also known to boost immunity. For example, Lauric acid (also found in breast milk) is vital for building and maintaining the immune system. MCFAs provide a shield against disease because of their anti microbial properties, potentially aiding the healing of fungal and bacterial infections.

It is wonderful for topical application because it is easily absorbed onto the skin making it almost the same as eating it, so food grade oil such as ours is preferable, "If you wouldn't eat it, it's best not to put it on your skin!" Coconut oil is ideal for relieving cracked, dry skin, improving elasticity leaving a natural, attractive sheen.

Coconut oil is also a complete hair treatment in itself. It is effective as a pre shampoo conditioning treatment and helps to minimize protein loss caused during regular washing; keeping each hair strand strong. Also useful as a treatment for dandruff.

Summary: Much research has been done into the positive benefits of coconut oil. We are proud to bring you this product.

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How well do the processes inherent in the manufacturing, packaging and distribution of this product sustain nature?

Biospherically Correct

Coconuts fall from trees when fully mature so harvesting does not harm the palm. Our oil is processed using a simple chemical free method of extraction with easily learnt skills, making it ideal for small rural island communities. Coconuts are opened using a machete (a traditional practice), the fresh coconut meat is scooped out and shredded before being placed on extraction tables. The oil flows naturally due to a low heat source from underneath the tables. In this way all the natural goodness and flavour of the coconut is retained.

Where possible, materials  used for packaging and labelling  are capable of bio-intergrating back into the environment as part of our 'cradle to cradle' philosophy. Labels are made from recycled paper and printed with vegetable inks. All of our self adhesive labels are made to be compostable and our printers participate in the Enviro Mark NZ Programme, currently reaching Bronze certification. We use glass jars and PLA plastic(750ml bulk bottle- in warm water oil becomes a liquid and is used to refill smaller jars (this does not harm the oil) as part of an environmentally friendly reuse/refill system. Polylactic acid plastic (PLA) is made from renewable, biodegradable cornstarch which breaks down into water or organic matter. During manufacture and decompostion no toxic gases are used or produced.The ongoing everyday logistical issues and the associated reliance on fossil fuels represents an area for improvement. We look for such improvement to help raise our skin care range to a 2nd Generation Biospherically correct product in the future.

Summary: The processes used to supply our coconut oil to you are all part of a model designed to sustain nature.

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Trade Integrity

How well does the supply and promotion of this product align with the principles of trade Integrity: transparency of information, honest/accurate advertising claim, traceability of ingredients and an emphasis of working via gratifying and harmonious business relationships?

Biospherically Correct

To the best of our knowledge the claims we make are accurate. One Ingredient-traceable to point of origin. Our pricing is fair and reflects the quality of the product. The coconut industry has been the victim of misleading information disseminated to the public. Wrongly, trans fats and saturated fats have become intertwined, both being viewed as unhealthy. This has lead to hardship in countries dependent on the coconut industry. However, things are now improving in this regard as accurate research brings to light proof that coconut oil is a healthy saturated fat.

At Vision Products we value the principles of the VFH (Vision for Humanity) vision statement, "A successful planet where the attributes of love, forgiveness, compassion, tolerance and intergrity form the basis of every human interaction and endeavour." A basis to help form socially responsible and ecologically sustainable practices. Utilizing the unique 'Biospherically Correct' rating methodology, we have given our Coconut oil a Biospherically Correct rating of 2. Petroleum dependent logistical practices represent the greatest potential areas for improvement towards a higher Biospherically Correct rating in the future. Please support us as we endeavour to continually improve our products for you.

Summary: As the benefits of this oil resurface we hope that people will embrace using this health enhancing oil. Our coconut oil is part of a project supporting local Fijiian people into sustainable industry (see Diversity protection)

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Coconut Oil



Packaged in a glass bottle with eco compostable stick on labels and wraps made from recycled paper and vegetable inks.

Brought to you in four convenient sizes: Bulk 750ml bottle, 250ml kitchen jar, 50ml travel size jar and 150ml massage bottle.

Biospherically Correct Rating

This product carries a Biospherically Correct rating of 1 2 3

This Second Generation marker means that you can trust we've endeavoured to consider all social and ecological elements intrinsic to this product. Your purchase is an important part in helping us bring more 2nd and then 3rd generation Biospherically Correct products to the world. For more information click through the icons below.

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