How well do the processes inherent in the manufacturing, packaging and distribution of this product sustain nature?

Biospherically Correct

The manufacturing of our hair care is done especially for us by an environmentally conscious boutique company in New Zealand who uses solar power & other carbon neutral heating methods from sustainable sources. Zero water discharge is achieved with an onsite waste management plant, all paper packaging is re used while glass and plastic is recycled and organic waste composted.

Packaging- At Vision Products we have developed a reuse/refill/recycle system as part of a 'cradle to cradle' philosophy. We have choosen to use these materials in various combinations for specfic reasons for greater bio-intergration of materials: 

Glass: For its excellent barrier and recycling ability. Products in glass bottles come in a refill option and some glass jars can be refilled. Polypropylene plastic:(PP) is bisphenol free, intended to be refilled several times from bulk 750ml PLA bottle before being recycled. Polylactic acid plastic: (PLA) is renewable, biodegradable cornstarch which breaks down into organic matter. Envirosense: All of our self adhesive labels conform to industrial and home composting situations providing a conscious consumer with greater choices about disposal. On the PLA bottle these labels create a unified composting/recycable unit. Cardboard tags: Made from eco papers and printed with soy inks, mostly from offcut material, meaning less pre consumer waste.

Summary: Excellent manufacturing & eco packaging systems are in place, however transportation/logistical issues are lacking due to the reliance on fossil fuels. We look forward to helping create such improvement in the future.

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